[NEW:Absorber feet STAGE MK2 bFly-audio]

NEW:Absorber feet STAGE MK2 bFly-audio

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Absorber feet STAGE MK2 bFly-audio STAGE-2 up to 20 kg per piece Height 48 or 33 mm 1개당 20만원, 4개 75만원


STAGE - Absorber feet


NEW:Absorber feet STAGE MK2   NEW: Now available in 2 height

Our STAGE absorber new  MK2 Version are an complex redevelopment with the target to combine
coupling effectively with our approved decoupling technology.

For absorption of vibrations we use our proven MLA Technology 
with 4 different materials effective combined on 6 layers. 

With coupling two units will be joined.
Vibration will be transported controlled between both units.

Decoupling means separation and thus elimination of vibrations,
also called absorption

Therefore our STAGE absorber feet consists of two units.

STAGE-1-2 1600


The Conductor
The hemispherical Conductor has the function to gather vibrations
from the HiFi components and to transfer these in controlled way.
According to the laws of vibrations for an effective junction both units
should have the same material. Because most bases of devices consist
of aluminum, our Conductor consists of aluminum too.

The Conductor collects the vibration over an small cylindrical elevation
at the top side.

STAGE-Conductor 1600px

The Absorber Corpus

The cylindrical absorber corpus based on our approved MASTER series.
An additional circular layer made of aluminum ensures best lateral stabilization
and serves as entry point for the conductor.


STAGE-Corpus 1600

The Effectiveness

The vibrations within HiFi component will be drained of from the conductor and  directed transported into the absorber corpus.
Such constructions are not new. But most of them are formed like spikes, with the disadvantage of vertical movements.
Because the conductor is joined orbital with the absorber corpus, vertical movements are excluded and this with minimal contact surface.

Because of the two-layer construction unevenness on the floor of the HiFi components will be balanced.
So the absorber corpus will be mechanical loaded equally and can work on an optimal level.

The Placement:

We advise placement directly under the floor of the component.
Removing of the original feet is not necessary.

We recommend the usage of 3 STAGE absorbers per component.
See figure on the right.
Attention: Place the single absorber on the lighter side of the component.

3Punkt-Auftsellung en

The construction with 6 layer of 4 different absorber materials eleminates effectively a wide range of disturbance frequencies


The complex layer model  
of the absorber corpus

The layers from top to - down

- Ring of aluminum
- Natural rubber
- Sorbothane
- Cork rubber granulate 1mm
- massive Aluminum corpus 
- Cork rubber granulate 2mm


STAGE-MK2 Skizze en

 STAGE-unten hoch 1600px
 Corpus bottom side

NEW: Available in 2 height
For optimal adjustment to the weight of the HiFi component we have developed the following 2 variants.

         STAGE-1   up to   8 kg  per piece     Height 35 or 28 mm
         STAGE-2   up to 20 kg  per piece     Height 48 or 33 mm

Read more about our favored absorber material Sorbothane.

Details about our MLA Technology you could read here.




STAGE 1 - up to 8 kg per piece

Hochwirksame Multi-Layer Absorber
Absorber feet 1 piece - max. load capacity 8 kg per piece

We recommend the usage of 3 STAGE absorbers per component. 

Place the single absorber on the lighter side of the component

Loadable:   up to 8 kg per pieces

Diameter:  44 mm
Height:      35 mm


b.STAGE 2 - up to 20 kg per piece

b.STAGE 2 - up to 20 kg per piece
Absorber feet 1 piece - max. load capacity 20 kg per piece

We recommend the usage of 3 STAGE absorbers per component. 

Place the single absorber on the lighter side of the component

Loadable:   up to 20 kg per pieces

Diameter:  54 mm
Height:      48 mm

배송은 주문 당일 배송을 원칙으로 하며 받으실 때까지 약 2-3일 정도 소요됩니다. (도서 산간지역 3-4일 소요)
•제품 수급에 의해 지연이 되는 경우 별도의 연락을 드린 후 배송을 하여 드립니다.
_ 전 제품 5만원 초과 상품은 배송비가 무료입니다.
(중고/전시품란의 일부상품 제외. 5만원 이하 상품은 3,000원의 배송비가 추가됩니다. )
_ 전제품 품질보증서가 들어있는 정식 수입원 제품입니다.
(일부 상품은 정식 수입품이지만 시리얼넘버로 정품관리를 하기 때문에 보증서가 들어있지 않을 수도 있습니다.)
_ 제품을 설치하였거나 개봉후에는 반품 및 교환이 불가능합니다.
_ 제품 자체에 결함이 있을 경우 100% 교환 및 환불이 가능합니다.
_ 이벤트(경매, 중고/전시품 판매, 특가&이벤트판매 등)를 통해 구매하신 제품은 제품의 결함 외에는 환불 및 교환이 불가능합니다.
_ 특별할인판매 및 기타 이벤트 판매의 경우 현금 주문은 24시간 이내에 입금되지 않으면 주문은 자동취소됩니다.
제품 개봉 및 설치를 하셨을 경우에는 공정거래위원회 표준약관 제15조 2항에 의거하여 교환 및 반품/환불이 불가능합니다.
• 전시품, 위탁제품, 중고제품의 경우 반품 및 환불이 불가능 합니다
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