X2 - new for 2017


P U R I T Y 

The X2 represents the culmination of decades of research into open-baffle loudspeaker design.  Our goal was to provide an immersive music experience, without any colorations or mechanical noise emanating from the speaker, so that it disappears, leaving only the music event happening in front of you. It sounds as if the music is already in the room, rather than being radiated from the speaker. Getting lost in the music and forgetting the equipment is the ultimate experience we all seek. 

It follows that any coloration, distortion or resonance detract from the listening experience, so the speaker must be pure, accurate and silent. By minimizing room interactions, the X2 greatly reduces the "room sound" heard in most systems. Wide dynamic range and ultra low distortion allow music to sound lifelike in a natural, relaxing way. Listener fatigue is eliminated for hours of pure enjoyment. 

The X2 introduces an advanced Air Motion Transformer (AMT) that cover both mid and treble ranges up to 23kHz, with virtually zero sonic signature. Its 101 dB sensitivity, low distortion and controlled directivity properties allow it to easily outperform traditional tweeters. A state of the art Acoustic Elegance 15 inch woofer provides crushing impact, extreme articulation and high output down to 18Hz. The X2 is an all passive design with the circuitry built into the chassis. The best electrical components are used, such as Clarity Caps, Duelund wiring and WBT Nextgen terminals. 

Electro-acoustic Design - Clayton Shaw

Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering - David Evett • Evett Design



\$9600 per pair

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